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The Hansgrohe iPhone app: smart and free

Plan the wash basin virtually on your mobile phone with Hansgrohe@home

The virtual wash basin: sounds like a future dream, but in fact it's already a reality.
Using this practical online tool, you can show your customers how the new Hansgrohe mixers would look in their home. The process is simple: with the iPhone app you can "beam" the innovative Hansgrohe mixers onto your own wash basin in no time. But first the old tap needs to disappear!

Here's how to use the app to plan a wash basin:

  • Take a photo of the wash basin with the Smartphone 
  • Erase the old mixer
  • Put your mixer of choice in its place

The (good-looking!) result is stored in the mobile phone gallery – or can be sent directly to friends.

So your customers can have fun planning their bathroom any time and anywhere, on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (with camera). A great service for potential buyers, which is also easy to integrate into any exhibition.

Here's how to download the iPhone app using the QR code

QR codes deliver important information straight to your mobile phone. Simply:

  • Start QR code reader 
  • Scan QR code
  • Download the iPhone app free from iTunes

Hansgrohe adds new lustre to any bathroom – for example with PuraVida

The sensual PuraVida range creates the perfect fusion of the colour white and chrome aesthetics. PuraVida is: functional beauty and an award-winning design with efficient technology.

In the app you will find out a lot about the world of PuraVida – and about the new Metris, Talis and Focus mixer ranges from the Hansgrohe Modern style world.

QR code logo

Download the iPhone app for your mobile: just take this QR code over to iTunes.

iPhone screenshots of the app

  • Start-up screen of the app with PuraVida mixer.
  • A selection of mixers that would look good in your bathroom.
  • Classic example: how to photograph your own wash basin.
  • Classic example: how to remove your own mixer.
  • Classic example: how to position your new mixer virtually.
  • Classic example: this is how it would look with your new mixer.
  • Overview of the Hansgrohe mixer ranges.

Hansgrohe iPhone app download and video